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My life is a challenge

Yves Auberson, a former professional golfer, has had Parkinson’s disease since the age of 35. Although severely handicapped by dyskinesia, Yves took up the challenge of walking more than 1000 km around the Swiss Alps to show that Parkinson’s disease does not condemn him to inactivity.

TRAILER|   SCREENING|   VOD|   Documentary - 52 et 84 min


A former professional golfer, Yves Auberson has suffered from Parkinson’s disease since the age of 35.

Often considered the disease of aging, today it affects more and more young patients. However, Yves has no family history and there was no indication that such a diagnosis was going to be made.

While he is severely handicapped by dyskinesia, Yves challenged himself to tour the Swiss Alps by covering more than 1000 km on foot in order to demonstrate that Parkinson’s does not condemn him to inactivity.

Through a poignant and unique testimony, this film goes on an adventure with Yves to help us discover his story and his 15 years of fighting against the symptoms of Parkinson’s which have completely changed his life.


1000 km to challenge parkinson

Parkinson’s is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the world. Despite this, there is not much talk about this disease which is increasingly affecting the younger generation.

Far from scientific discourse, sometimes detached from reality, we are keen to shed light on the challenges of Parkinson’s by giving the floor to a character like Yves who experiences this disease on a daily basis, analyzes the evolution of each symptom and is finally the best placed to talk about it.

Yves is an example of determination to follow and his achievement gives hope and motivation. He makes people affected by Parkinson’s aware that they can live fully in our society and that physical activity is an excellent remedy to slow down the progression of symptoms.




Benoît FRECH
Sound operator

Gabin Ferra
Music composer

Franck Guillemenot

Gaïth Zehri
Color Grader

Lucien KOLLY

Sound mixer and Sound operator

Stephan RYTZ
Director and Producer

Loïc Oswald
Camera operator and Producer

  • Film Sheet
  • Production
  • Shooting
  • Postproduction
Original version

English, French, and German

4K and Color

Genre and duration
52 et 84 min



Produced by
Stephan Rytz & Loïc Oswald

ORCA Production


Jupiter Films and DNA Films

With the support of
L'Office Fédéral de la Culture, Cineforom, le Fond de production télévisuel, Ernst Goehner Stiftung, l'association Défi Parkinson, Parkinson Suisse, la ville de Nyon, la ville de Gland and la Région de Nyon

Remerciements particuliers Michel Grimaldi, Joëlle Bédat, Chocolaterie Alexandre, Marc-Etienne Diserens, Michel Gisiger, Bernhard Maeder, Moveit.ch, Sabine Mutsaerts, Pro Infirmis and the 251 contribtors of WeMakeIt

Directed & written by
Stephan Rytz

Camera operator
Loïc Oswald

Additional images
Patrick Mounoud

Loïc Oswald

Sound operator
Benoit Frech

Additional sounds
Nicolas Binggeli

Franck Guillemenot

Loïc Oswald

Sound editor
Nicolas Binggeli & Stephan Rytz

Sound mixing
Nicolas Binggeli

Music composer
Gabin Ferra Musique du générique:
Emma Soupart et Elio Brandolini

Color grading
Gaith Zehri

Graphic design
Stéphanie Ganière

Lucien Kolly