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With every note, with every word, with every magical moment on stage, there’s a story to be told.
Our team is here to capture it with all the power and emotion it deserves.

Why choose ORCA Production?

Unmatched Experience:
With years of experience in capturing shows and concerts, we have the skills and expertise to capture every detail, every artist, every emotion flawlessly.

State-of-the-Art Equipment:
Our cutting-edge equipment ensures exceptional visual and audio quality, so your audience can experience it as if they were in the front row.

Limitless Creativity:
Every show is unique, just like every capture we produce. Our creative team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, whether it’s for a live concert, a theater production, a ballet, or any other artistic event.

Fast and Professional Delivery:
We understand the importance of timelines in the entertainment industry. You can rely on us for a swift and professional delivery of your captivating video.

Extensive Broadcasting:
Our expertise extends beyond just capturing. We can also assist you in live streaming your show, on social media, or during special events.

Our Capture Services:

  • Multi-Camera Capture: We use multiple cameras to capture every angle and moment from all perspectives.
  • High-Quality Audio Recording: Sound is just as important as visuals, and we ensure top-notch audio recording to match the performance.
  • Expert Editing: Our editing team brings your capture to life through either live editing or post-production after the event.
  • Versatile Delivery: Receive your capture in the form of a DVD, HD video file, or in the format of your choice.