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Light years from the world of cinema, He began his professional career in that of research, at the heart of the Muséum National d’Histoires Naturelles de Paris where he obtained a Master in Paleontology.
But quickly, He needed to share his passion.
He therefore took the tangent to orient himself towards the world of video.

It was during his studies in documentary cinema that he discovered that a good film is also a good story. Supported by a demanding, creative and structured narrative, it constitutes an ideal vector to allow the public to better understand the world in which we live and to reflect on the major challenges of our time.
After a few years of sharpening his sense of writing in the world of institutional film, it was only natural that he decided to combine his knowledge of biology and video to specialize in animal and environmental documentary.
With words for images and grammar for editing, he now endeavors to write films that carry with sincerity and originality the messages or ideas they are in charge of transmitting.