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Wetlands, the legacy of Luc Hoffmann
| 90' | 2019

Since the beginning of the 20th century, 2/3 of the wetlands have disappeared. Considered useless by human beings, they have been drained and dried out to allow the development of the agriculture, industrial zones and cities.

To stop the degradation of wetlands, Luc Hoffmann conducted numerous studies and environmental actions in different iconic regions of the Mediterranean basin and West Africa.

Pioneer of the sustainable development, Luc Hoffmann’s vision was to understand biodiversity as a global dynamic that includes and interacts with human activities.

Thus, he participated in the creation and implementation of the well known NGO with the panda logo, WWF, as well as the Ramsar convention, unique treaty signed by 170 countries to protect wetlands around the planet.

This film takes us on a journey to discover Luc Hoffmann, this humanistic and visionary man, who acted discreetly and with no need for recognition or reward. We will discover his great work and understand the importance of the preservation of wetlands, these ecosystems that are essentials to combat climate change issues.