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The return of the Osprey
| 52' | 2021

With his splendid brown and white dress and bright yellow eyes, the Fisherman’s Babuzard is the only raptor in the world to feed exclusively on fish. This migratory bird has long inhabited the surroundings of lakes and large rivers throughout central Europe to breed there in summer.

However, the species has gradually retreated to more northern regions of Europe, far from the persecution caused by human expansion. In Switzerland, the country’s logging and industrial development in particular contributed to its disappearance from our country a century ago.

A sad fate that has not escaped the vigilance of a passionate ornithologist couple, Wendy and Denis . To remedy this situation, they decided to embark on the ambitious project of reintroducing Osprey in Switzerland.

For this, they called on Roy Dennis, a Scottish man considered to be the greatest European specialist in Osprey, who taught them the technique of “translocation”, the only reliable method for resettling a breeding population. The principle is to make the birds believe that they were born on the reintroduction site.