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Zoonosis: humanity in danger?
Documentary | 52' | 2021

In the spring of 2020, our world came to a sudden halt. Halted abruptly by the rapid spread of a highly contagious virus, the planet’s human population barricaded itself to protect itself. The streets of the world’s largest cities became deserted. Stores, airports and even borders have been closed. The “Great Confinement” blocked the entire economic system and plunged humanity into one of the deepest recessions in modern history.

How could such a situation come about? Today, does our society not have sufficient knowledge and capacity to counter the spread of viruses so dangerous to humans?

The latest scientific research shows that the reduction of natural areas, caused by human activity, considerably favors the emergence of zoonoses and exposes humans to new pathogenic viruses that are potentially dangerous for them. Deforestation, agriculture and intensive animal husbandry would have direct consequences on the development of infectious diseases in humans.

Therefore, does human health go through environmental health?

At a time when countries are now seeking to revive their economies by all means, this pandemic gives us a unique opportunity to ask ourselves about the future we want to give to mankind on our planet. The linear economic model that we have been practicing since the industrial revolution has reached its limits and voices are being raised from increasingly in favour of a rapid transition to a sustainable economy.

But what are the stakes?

“Zoonose, humanity in peril” is a film that looks at the relationship we have with our environment in order to highlight the obvious links between the environment and the human race. exist between the ecological and health crisis. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Original version

4K and Color

Gender and duration

Year of production

Country of production
Switzerland and France


Directed by
Stephan Rytz

Written by
Stephan Rytz
Naoki Lembezat

Produced by
Stephan Rytz & Loïc Oswald

ORCA Production



Loïc Oswald

Images additionnelles
Naoki Lembezat, Elena Demidova, Andrey Dontsov, Kalin Ivanov, Nicolas Datiche, Guo Weiqian

Loïc Oswald & Salvador Castillo

Benoit Frech

Image editing
Stephan Rytz

Video animation
Loïc Oswald

Loïc Oswald

Sound editing
Nicolas Binggeli & Stephan Rytz

Nicolas Binggeli

Fabien Guerra

Color editor
Loïc Oswald

Graphic designer
Stéphanie Ganière

Lucien Kolly