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A shared passion

ORCA Production specializes in the production of video content. We develop and manage different type of projects, including live filming, corporate videos and TV & Cinema documentaries.

Stephan Rytz founded ORCA Production in 1998, after completing his training as a director and editor at the University of California (UCLA). As a nature lover since his youngest age, he focuses his work on the production of films on nature and environment, talking about sustainable development and the preservation of the health of our planet.

In 2014, he gets to meet the director of photography Loïc Oswald, a graduate of the Ecole Supérieur d'Etude Cinematographique in Paris, who shares the same values. They become associates in 2016.

Both have a passion for in-depth reporting and documentary film making. ORCA Production’s professional media team ceaselessly strives to give a sense of the image and create beautiful dream-inspiring films.

A vision… an emotion

Documentary films, video clips, corporate videos or live recording…
We bring our expertise to develop original and unique projects.
Video clips

L’histoire de la naissance d’un film

Que vous soyez à la recherche d’un caméraman, d’un monteur ou de toute une équipe pour réaliser votre film de A à Z, ORCA Production traite chaque projet avec le même niveau d’importance qu’un autre.

We conceptualize projects based on an idea or a wish. The writing of the script is a crucial stage. We define the DNA of the film with its unique and original content, which will ensure to reach the targets.


Live multi-camera, corporate and documentary films are shot using the best 4K or HD cameras, according to the needs of the projects.


Images are edited on our AVID Media Composer and Adobe Premiere edit stations. We create, shape, and give direction to the film, bearing in mind the original goals.


Color grading is an important work to reach the maturity of the film. We use a DaVinci Resolve station to reveal the magnitude and depth of each image from the final cut. If needed, we record the narration and add an orignal soundtrack.


The film is now ready to live its own life. On Internet, on Television or in the Cinemas. We open all necessary distribution lines to allow the film to get known. And, as good parents, we hide a bit of pride and a touch of nostalgia for all the time dedicated to its creation.